Agata Buzek - The daughter

Agata Buzek

Agata Buzek is an actress. She preformed in Warsaw's Ateneum Theatre and The General Theatre. She starred in eight plays of the Polish Public Television's Theatre, and in 23 movies and series, and she worked as a model in the Parisian agency Madison.

You could say that Agata was able to make two of her childhood dreams come true - she became an actress and a model. Her Grandma reminisces about the times when Agata presented short poems, preformed songs and even, together with her cousin Joanna, produced short plays. When she was in primary school, Agata attended dance classes in the Gliwice Ballet School. Her group often preformed in the schools Musical Theatre. Agata says that even then she felt that performing in front of the audience is something she would like to devote to in the future.

In secondary school - she graduated from the Walery Wróblewski secondary school in Gliwice - Agata attended seminars at the Actors Study in Katowice directed by Doroat Pomykała (an actress from the Old Theatre in Kraków). As later discovered not only did this extracurricular study give Agata a lot of pleasure; but it also provided good preparation for her entry examinations to the Theatre Academy.

A different form of stage engagement for Agata at this time was the annual Festival of Small Theatrical Forms. In secondary school performances of classical plays, Agata played the leading roles. She took part in various school competitions like the English song and French song competitions during the Spring of Gliwice '95. In the same year, she started her education at the Warsaw's Theatre Academy, from which she graduated in 1999. Her class guardians at the academy were Mrs. Anna Seniuk and Mrs. Teresa Budzisz-Krzyzanowska.

In the spring of 1997 Agata got her first part - she starred with Jan Frycz, Jerzy Trela and Zbigniew Zamachowski ( great polish actors) in the movie from Robert Gliński "Kochaj i rób co chcesz" - " Love and do as you like ". Her next productions were "Ballada o czyscicielach szyb" - "A ballad about the people who clean the windshields" directed by Peter del Monte, "Wrota Europy"- "The Gates of Europe" directed by Jerzy Wójcik, "Skarby Ukryte" -"Hidden Treasures" directed by Krzysztof Zanussi and "Wiedzmin"- "The Witcher" directed by Marek Brodzki

Agata takes part in many theatre and cinema projects in Poland and abroad. She has been invited to work with legendary directors like Peter Greenway ("Nightwatching"), Andrzej Wajda ("Zemsta"- "Revenge"). Recently she starred with Emily Watson in a production of Marleene Morris.

In February 2009, Agata started working as the lead character in the movie from the director Borys Lankosz "Rewers"- "Reverse", where she is starring together with Krystyna Janda and Anna Polony (well-known polish actresses). For her performance, she received an award for the best leading female role at the 34th Festival of Polish Movies in Gdynia and also the Zbyszek Cybulski Award from the audience.

Agata also starred in eight plays in the Polish Public Television's Theatre: "Gdy tańczyła Izadora" - "When Isadora was dancing" by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz; "Perła"-"The Pearl" by Piotr Mikucki; "Moja córeczka"-"My daughter" by Andrzej Barański; "EE" by Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz; "Nas Troje" - "Us three" by Marek Koterski; "Opowiesci o zwyczajnym szaleństiwe"- "Tales about the usual madness" by Łukasz Kos; "Głosy Wewnętrzne" - "The Voices within" by Krzysztof Zanussi; and "Złodziej w sutannie" - "Thief in a cassock" by Paweł Woldana.

Agata has also starred in various television series like "Wiedzmin" - "The Witcher", "Glina" - "Cop", "Ekipa" - "The Crew", and "Tajemnica twierdzy Szyfrów" - "The Mystery of the Tower of Codes". She gained the greatest popularity by playing Julia in the series "Teraz albo nigdy" - "Now or never".

In 2004 Agata co-founded the Foundation "Przestrzeń Wymiany Działań" (The Action Exchange Space) ARTERIA. The foundation develops and supports project for young artists and engages as non-profit foundation.

In December 2008, Agata became the ambassador for Polish humanitarian mission regarding the Water Campaign - a programme to help people in Africa without access to clean drinking water.

Agata's friends call her 'Buzia' and argue that the changes in her life did not change her at all - she remains positive towards people and the world, adoring everything that is green. Agata has two dogs that she adopted from a shelter in Józefów near Warsaw: Mambo and Brysia.