Ludgarda Buzek - The wife

Ludgarda Buzek spent her childhood and adolescence in Lubliniec in the Silesia region. This is where she also completed her secondary School Diploma at the Adam Mickiewicz Secondary School in 1952. After secondary school graduation, she moved to Gliwice to study at the Chemistry Department of the Silesian Technical University.

In 1957, she graduated with a master engineer degree in chemistry. After completing her degree, she worked as a chemistry teacher in Gliwice Technical Ceramic Secondary School. In 1960 she started working for the Institute of Chemical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Science (then called the Institution of Chemical Engineering and Construction of Apparatus) which she is still attached to.

In 1971, she obtained a PhD and in 1981, received a postdoctoral degree (habilitation). During that time, she also gave lectures and extracurricular classes at the Silesian Technical University and Technical University in Opole. Lugarda is also the national coordinator of the Polish-German Science Network for protection of the environment INCREASE. The organization currently consists of 23 Polish and German institutes and is developing 20 projects, which include 40 industrial corporate participants.

Much like other members of the family, Lugarda enjoys actively spending her pastimes, especially by the water or skiing. Her free time is split between family, friends, and her two cats, which have been members of the family for several years. She loves music and dance, especially Spanish and south American sounds - one of her favourite bands is the Buena Vista Social Club. During her secondary school education, she took ballet classes and during her university education she was a member of the Silesian Technical University Ballet, with which she travelled to the International Festival of Student Ballet Groups in Strasbourg.

Since 1998, she is working for a charity called 'Foundation for the Family'.