My hobbies & pastimes

Kayaking, sailing, horse-riding, skiing...

Our whole family enjoys various sports activities; we cherish every bit of our free time spent together. In the summer, we sail across Masurian lakes and organise canoeing rallies. Our preferred recreation includes horseback riding and playing tennis. We take great joy in swimming. During winter time, we simply put on skies and set out for the mountains. We do not have much free time, yet the need for an active rest is stronger, thus we take every effort not to give up our passions that we can share together.

Kayaking rallies

For us, summer means mostly active leisure by the water. Every year, for the past twenty years, in late July we have set out on a kayaking rally. We have kayaked down most of Polish northern rivers, and what is more - we do not intend to settle with that! It is our favourite spare time activity in the summer. Rivers vary greatly in the level of difficulty, from easy to almost extreme at times, requiring a considerable amount of stamina and persistence. Our favourite river ways include Brda, Drawa, Wda, Gwda, Czarna Hańcza Krutynia, and Łyna. We spend our days kayaking, stopping for a moment to appreciate forest sounds and to take pictures. After sunset, we find a camping site and pitch the tents. We prepare a warm meal together and start an evening feast by the camp-fire. We indulge in singing our favourite tunes and having long conversations, so that next day in the morning, we can start the entire adventure all over again.

During our kayaking rallies, we organise two-day camps which give us the opportunity to relax, play volleyball, badminton, or even mend our honeycombed kayaks and dry up the soaked clothes in case the kayak capsizes. Time literally flies during our expeditions, thus after two weeks and about a 100-200 km of kayaking we return home, both happy and tired.


We are proud owners of 'Mazur' - our aged yet graceful sailing yacht in which we have been travelling across the lakes for years as sailing is our second best sports activity after kayaking. Together with friends and family, we purchased the yacht long time ago and since then he has become almost an inseparable part of our lives. Holidays in full sail differ greatly from the kayaking ones, namely they are much more peaceful, and time goes by slowly, so that you can easily relax your mind and body.


On a Horseback

There was a time when we kept two horses, Ares and Akacja, which we acquired jointly with our friends. We devoted every spare evening or weekend to horseback rides in the forests of Gliwice region. During holidays, we used to go away for two weeks to Czaplinek, situated in Drawskie Lakeland, as well as to Podągi or Liszki in Warmia region. We took great joy in all-day-long horse riding trips in those areas. We managed to visit a great number of stud farms in Poland and a majority of student equestrian centres. Our love of horses continues...


At winter time, we go skiing to Szczyrk, Korbielów, or Zakopane. All of us, I must admit are pretty good skiers, for instance, my daughter - Agatha, has been skiing since the moment she learnt to walk. Despite very busy schedules, each winter we try not to miss any opportunity to indulge in our skiing passion within the family circle at least for a week.